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  • The “Sport Friendly” channel offers and guarantees to all participants of Gf Alé La Merckx 2020 the following free benefits, guaranteeing special prices
    Servizi in convenzione:

    1. Free storage of the bicycles in the garage of the Hotel (it is advisable to close the bikes with padlocks and / or chains) or any other place of the hotel as a deposit
    2. Early Breakfast a Buffet Early Buffet Breakfast from 06:30 on 07 June 2020
    3. Late check max within 2 p.m. on 07 June 2020

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  • Garda Bike Hotel
  • Garda Bike hotel offers a package for you with flexibility in mind. Stay at Garda Bike Hotel before the Alè la Merckx, to warm up for the big event, or after to relax with rides along the lake, or through our beautiful vineyards. It is totally up to you, and we will personalise your holiday to your liking!