A unique jersey, designed following a new approach that combines performance and comfort to offer a new riding experience.

Made with a durable fabric made from ultra-soft, breathable and lightweight recycled yarns, that keeps you cool even when it’s too hot. This is a classic cut shirt with a low collar, silicone elastic at the bottom, set-in sleeves with a raw cut for a superior fit and ideal comfort.

In addition to the jersey, the race pack includes:

Energetika is an energy bar with rice crispies and dried fruit. It is formulated with natural ingredients appropriately balanced with each other in order to obtain a concentrated dough with carbohydrates, fast sugars and fatty acids from dried fruit.   It is suitable for providing energy support over time whilst maintaining excellent digestibility. As it does not have a coating it is possible to take it even when the weather conditions become harsher.   Practical and very digestible, making it ideal as a snack, before and/or during training/competition.   Pre Start Shot is a food supplement in shot-liquid form based on arginine, ornithine, ginseng and guarana which stimulates vasodilation and guarantees an effective tonic effect before sports performance. Formulated to be taken immediately before physical activity; it increases focus, attention, concentration and also the production of nitric oxide, delaying the onset of muscle fatigue.   To be taken 15 minutes before physical activity, it allows you to start the race with the right energy.   It is a food supplement suitable for everyone because it is gluten-free and lactose-free.
The classic low fermentation blonde beer. 1816’s best seller, suitable for relax moments after sport and perfect for a light but valuable aperitif. The herbaceous and fresh taste mixes with the floral notes of German hops to create a mix of lightness and intensity to be discovered. Ideal with local medium-aged cheeses.
Penne Felicetti Originale: durum wheat semolina, water. A product (line) that brings with it all the knowledge of tradition. The meticulous choice of the best Italian durum wheat, an accurate degree of grinding and bronze drawing give this pasta an unmistakable flavour.
Tasty drink to accompany breakfasts and snacks, for walks and moments with friends, as well as a thirst-quencher at the end of training or competitions. It can also be enjoyed as a non-alcoholic aperitif with the addition of fresh fruit and it’s great as a base for excellent cocktails. Selected whey-based drink. Product heat treated with high pasteurization, non-carbonated. To drink cold.