official rankings will include:

  • 1

    first three granfondo ranked by category
    mediofondo ranked by category
    the Cannibal time trial climbing the first 3 ranking with the best time

  • 2

    ranking for “teams wearing Alé clothing” The first five teams counting the highest number of riders in Alé kit.

  • 3

    ranking for teams “trofeo Alé” The first three teams counting the highest number of Kilometers, open also the team wearing Alè’s clothing.

  • 4

    individual awards first 3 absolute men and women on both path
    first 5 Men classified of each man amateur category:
    ELMT, Master 1, Master 2, Master 3, Master 4, Master 5, Master 6, Master 7, Master 8
    first 3 women of each women amateur category:
    Woman 1 and Woman 2, Woman 3