sunday 09 june 2019

Sunday 09 June 2019

Organized by:
Asd Alé. With approval of the Italian cyclist Federation and Verona town


Entry to the Granfondo or Mediofonfo is open to all cyclists, amateur cyclists( between 19 to 65 years old ), with a valid F.C.I. (federation Italian Cycling) or an equivalent license from other sports entities recognized in 2019. This includes all foreign entities recognized by the UCI but does not include Triathlon licenses. A copy of each partecipant’s medical certificate is required. Please download the form E on this website and submit a filled in version along with a copy of your certificate. Those aged 17-18 years or over 65 years are only allowed to ride the Mediofondo course. The race is open to all non-members of the FCI with an FCI day license available to purchase for €10; this covers civil liability insurance for the event. To purchase this, you must submit a medical certificate (see example on form ‘E’) for competitive athletics. This applies to both courses. According to the new Federal law, allpartecipants must have a medical certificate for competitive athletics. Participation to the event is confirmed through an invitation and the Organizing Committee, at any time, could decide whether to accept an application or exclude a participant if the Committee think he/she could damage the image of the event.


By signing and sending the registration form, the participant, together with the representative of his/her team, certifies that there are no sporting sanctions, civil and/or criminal proceedings or ongoing investigations against him or her relating to doping. The participant declares he/she had not taken before - and does not take -any of the substances on the anti-doping list of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The false self-certification will be prosecuted according to the law. The professionals, the elite (men and women) and those under 23 are admitted exclusively for promotional purposes and after invitation by the Organizing Committee and will not impact in any way the race ranking.


If cyclists do not have a UCI license it’s mandatoryto purchase an FCI day license that costs € 10 which covers 'civil liability' during the event. For the day license application please submit a Medical Certificate for Competitive Athletics (see the example on the model E on this web site) . This applies to both courses. According to the new Federal law, all partecipants must have a medical certificate for competitive athletics. Please note, the day license will have to be purchased on the 08th june at the tickets department.




Both the Granfondo and Mediofondo will start at: Piazza Brà , 37121 Verona, Italy




Granfondo 129,00 Km – Difference in Level 2.600
Mediofondo 82,00 Km – Difference in Level 1.450


Cyclists are welcome to meet at Piazza Brà, 37121 Verona from 06.30 am
GRANFONDO: finish by 14.10 p.m.
MEDIOFONDO:finish by 12.15 p.m.
After the cut-off times, participation will no longer be valid

After the cut-off times, participation will no longer be valid.


€ 40 from 31 August 2018 to 31 Dicember 2018
€ 50 from 1 Jan 2019 to 31 May 2019
€ 60 from 1 June to 8 June 2019

Entry on the day is not available. The ticket price includes: entry; certificate of participation, medical assistance; mechanical assistance (not including spare bike parts); refreshments on and at the end of the course; shower facilities at the expo; the rice party and the race package.


Participants can collect their race pack from Piazzale Maestri del Commercio, Verona. Please note, if you cannot attend and did not cancel within the deadline, participants can delegate another person to recall your race package with a declaration signed by you. Unfortunately, we cannot ship race packs that have not been collected. Race packs can be collected at the following dates and times:
Saturday 08 June from 2pm to 7pm.
Sunday 09 June from 6am to 7.00am.


The rice party will take place inside the Loggiato (covered exterior) of the Granguardia in Piazza Bra  Verona. Tickets are required for entry (supplied with the race package). If you don't have a ticket, you can pay with cash inside the Loggiato. (Price will be indicated on the cash box).


There will a 'bike garage' (bike parking) near Palace Gran Guardia, where the rice party will take place. In order to park your bike here while you enjoy some time to relax and eat, your bib / jersey number must be (and must remain) attached to your bike with the corresponding bike number. An easy way to do this is to simply leave your jersey, and the number, on your bike, together with an identity card.


Remember that for water supplies you will need to stop at the refreshment areas and get water from the glasses.


All participants will receive a complementary piece of Alé clothing as part of the race package, find out more here.


Timing chips for participants to record their race time with are provided by Winningtime. The chip must be activated prior to the event at by following the instructions. Chips will also be available to purchase on the day at the Winningtime point situated by the package pick-up zone for €15, or the rider can rent a chip for the day for €10 plus a refundable €5 deposit. The chip must be attached to the bike under saddle– if the chip is in the wrong position we cannot guarantee a correct classification. The chip must be returned to the Winningtime staff at the Rise Party zone (Palazzo Granguardia Verona)within the end of awards ceremony.


Address: Via Londra 77 – 46047 Porto Mantovano MN - (Italy)


The participant's entrance to the starting grids will be based on their ticket number. All riders participating in the Granfondo and Mediofondo must start the course through the check gates provided by the organizer – any riders that start outside of these will be disqualified.


Tickets for Alé La Merckx are from 31 December 2018. Online registrations will close at midnight on June 8th 2019. This year, registration is all online so it couldn't be easier. To register, please visit and then authenticate your profile by clicking the link in the authentication email you receive. You then need to fill out the online form (participants may do this on behalf of teammates). Once registration form(s) are complete, you need to complete the payment using either a bank transfer or a credit card. If you've indicated you're paying with a bank transfer, you'll receive an email confirmation with the amount you'll need to pay along with a unique reference code that you'll need to add to the reference field when you set up the transfer. If paying with credit card, you'll receive an email confirmation once the payment has been successfully completed.


If an athlete is unable to attend the event, their entry may be carried forward to the 2020 edition of the event if written notice is received by e-mail ( on or by close of May 31 2019. This is done at the discretion of the Organizers, who reserve the right to refuse a request if it is believed it could damage the image or reputation of the race, or if athlete is the subject of doping affair.


All registered participants must present their license for verification, and be present to receive their race package at: Piazzale Maestri del Commercio, 37121, Verona, Italy, at the following dates and times: Saturday 8 June 2019 from 2pm to 7pm, and Sunday 09 June 2019 from 6am to 7am. Participants must present their license, a valid document and proof of payment.

For teams, a nominated team leader is expected with the list of entrants, copies of the cyclists' cards and copies of payment. Individual riders must bring their license along with identification and receipt for payment. Teams may send one representative in possession of the team list, photocopies of all licenses and the receipts to show everyone's payment.


All roads will be open to traffic during the entire event, therefore care and full compliance with the Codice della Strada (Road Rules) shall be made at all times. Riders who are not registered for the event and cause damage during the event shall be charged as per normal laws. The riders who are overtaken by the "Fine gara ciclistica" car will continue the race as non-competitors and will have to remove their bib numbers. The organisation does not take responsibility for any incidences that occur before, during or after the event and that involve both participants themselves or third parties. To find out more about rules and regulations, please visit the National Commission of the F.C.I.


The event will take place regardless of weather conditions, except in cases of a natural disaster, in which case the organization shall honor €5 of the entry fee towards the 2020 edition.


Controls will be in place at both the start, finish and along the race course for both distances. Marshalls and time management officials will be tasked to manage this, and any rider who is seen leaving the departure earlier than scheduled, or leaving the marked race course, shall be disqualified and excluded from the final rankings.


During the event there shall be a large number of mechanical and medical support vehicles, both fixed and mobile. It is prohibited to gain assistance from private vehicles – this will lead to race disqualification. An emergency number has been set up to be used in the case of major emergencies during the race. This is: +39 (0) 348 5290355.


Technical and Motorcycles authorized by the Organizing Committee shall be placed in front of the riders in order to escort them throughout both race course. Only those who have been given permission and whom attain the appropriate signage, shall be allowed on the race course with (race starters, officials, race director and sweep van).


All the participants must carry all of the following with them during the event:
A helmet, which must be worn at all times while on the bike;
Winning time Chip which is available on web site or to the racepackage pick up point on Saturday 08/06/19
A full set of tools to take off the tires and inner tubes;
An extra inner tube (or tubular);
A C02 cannister and/or pump to inflate inner tubes.


The time rankings will be posted on the website on the day(s) after the event.


The Organizing Committee asks that participants be extremely careful and vigilant against the possibility of theft during the whole event: please avoid leaving bikes and accessories unattended – even during the final rice party.


The "Griglia Scaligera" is an innovative format for riders with special needs who would like to race in total security. Escorted by ex-professional athletes, the "Scaligeri" can enjoy a more protected ride, allowing them to soak up the surroundings and ride with total peace of mind as well as offering useful advice. For who decide to position themselves in the "Griglia Scaligera" the quotes are:
40€ with race pack
15€ without race pack



Please remember that the Alé La Merckx is an amateur competition. For full regulations – not noted here – please refer to the ‘Commissione Nazionale Cicloturismo of the F.C.I.’ and the UCI. The Organization accepts no responsibility for events that occurred before, during and after the race in which participants are involved either by themselves or with any third party.


During the event there shall be a large number of mechanical and medical support vehicles, both fixed and mobile. It is prohibited to gain assistance from private vehicles – this will lead to race disqualification. An emergency number +39 348 529 0355 and a medical emergency number +39 348 809 5724 have been set up to be used in the case of major emergencies during the race.


Any complaints need to be addressed to the race judge within the terms and regulations of the contest and be accompanied by the charge as set out in the F.C.I regulations.


Participating with the race number of another athlete, giving the number to others, or any other acts of a serious nature will result in the disqualification from participation in the event for up to three years. Athletes throwing rubbish outside the marked spaces will also be disqualified. It's in the spirit of the event to not throw litter along the roads but instead to dispose of it responsibly in the provided bins; these are situated in the refreshment areas.


The official rankings of the Granfondo Alé La Merckx will be:

First 3 home
Grandfondo – first home, man and woman per category
Mediofondo – first home, man and woman per category
The Cannibal time trial – first 3 ranked man and woman by the best time

Winners wearing Alé kit
The first five teams counting the highest number of riders in Alé kit:
1. Club classified
2. Club classified
3. Club classified
4. Club classified
5. Club classified

Winners not wearing Alé kit
The first three teams counting the highest number of Kilometers, open also the team wearing Alè’s clothing:
1. Club classified
2. Club classified
3. Club classified

Individual awards
The first three men and women on each course.

The first five men in each category:
ELMT; Master 1; Master 2; Master 3; Master 4; Master 5; Master 6; Master 7; Master 8.

The first three women in each category:
Woman 1; Woman 2; Woman 3.


From the privacy law of article 13. Dear user, the data collected by filling out the form will be processed by ASD ALE’ solely for purposes of commercial information and used for the sending of unsolicited commercial messages by electronic mail. The information you provide will be used by the ASD ALE’ for sending commercial communications by email on their own and / or its related companies. In this regard ASD ALE’ would like to inform you that every person has the faculty to exercise their rights under the privacy code, with particular reference to the possibility of knowing the nature and type of information in our possession, to require their addition or correction, and may exercise, at any time, the right to object to the processing and receiving of messages by e-mail, including his request for deletion of data. The data controller is ASD ALE’, located in Via Marco Biagi snc –Loc. Bonferraro 37060 Sorgà (VR) and its related companies, which will be shown simultaneously sending of commercial communications by e-mail.

FINAL WARNINGS The Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend these Rules at any time for reasons that, we believe, will improve the organization of the race. For any matters not covered by this Regulation, the technical rules of the UCI and F.C.I. apply. Any changes to services, places and times will be communicated to athletes or members, or they will be posted on the website together with the essential information about taking part in the race. Any changes will also be delivered by the organization to the participants along with the number.

Please read the below
have read the rules and regulations of the event and I understand them. I declare that I will be over 18 years of age on the day before the Granfondo Alé La Merckx. I voluntarily sign, declaring that I am physically fit and adequately prepared. I also declare that I am in the possession of a valid medical certificate for competitive cycling . I authorize the Organizing Committee to use photographs, tapes, videos and anything related to my participation for any legitimate use, without any remuneration. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to not accept any unwanted entries.